Legacy Videos

The most important stories you’ll ever tell.

Share Your Personal Legacy

Do you have memories, family history, and words of wisdom you’d like to share and record? Are there loved ones you’d like to get on camera talking about their lives, but you just don’t have the time, energy or technical skill?

Our signature Legacy Video gives you the opportunity to create a keepsake of your life or the life of someone you love. You will not only record their cherished, heartfelt stories, but create a time capsule of the speaker’s voice, hand gestures, facial expressions, that unforgettable laugh which will be yours to share with your family for generations to come.

Film Your Legacy

Create a Legacy Video and capture your family history, words of wisdom, memorable stories and meaningful experiences on film. Keep the stories alive!

Give a Legacy Video

Give a Legacy Video and provide a loved one with an amazing experience to share memories, stories and family history. Learn even more about him/her and yourself in the process!

How It Works

  • Pre-Production. After a free phone consultation, the client will complete an in-depth questionnaire prior to filming. We then tailor our interview questions to suit the individual’s character, personality, history, accomplishments and important milestones.
  • The Video Shoot. A videographer and interviewer will come to your home or designated location to film subject. We ask guiding questions that prompt the interviewee to share stories and a bit of family history. It flows naturally like a casual conversation.
  • The Final Cut. Expert editors weave together the footage, layering in related photos and visuals as well as a custom musical score to tie it all together. The final cut of your Legacy Video is then delivered via flash drive, DVD and/or online for you and your family’s viewing pleasure forever.

Discover Your Legacy

Join us October 12-17, 2017 for the Discover Your Legacy Retreat in magnificent Cape Cod, MA. Spend 5 luxurious days relaxing, reflecting and walk away with your very own video memoir. Space is limited. Reserve your spot today.

  • I was really sad today and missing my dad so much.  I can’t begin to describe how amazing it is to have him on film. It’s like I’m with him chatting in the living room like we used to do. I seriously am beyond grateful for this… It is the most priceless gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • Wanted to let you know right way that our family all loved George’s Legacy video.  They were so excited by it and couldn’t thank me enough for getting you to do it. They were impressed with the professionalism and beauty of the whole thing. They want me to do one.  My daughter said, ‘Everyone should do one’.

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