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Now Booking Fall and Winter. ShineLight Legacy’s documentary videos are unique and brilliant gifts that enhance the lives of everyone they touch. If you are considering a Legacy or Tribute Video as a gift for the upcoming holiday season, remember that these take some time to produce – so book with us now!

The Gift of Listening

We offer videos that reflect and get to the heart and soul of who people are, what matters to them, and how they got where they are today.

Legacy Videos

Capture your family history, stories, and words of wisdom in a video you can cherish forever.

Tribute Videos

Record friends and family acknowledging a special someone for a milestone occasion.

Posthumous Tribute Videos

Pay tribute to a loved one who has passed by collecting the favorite stories and memories of those who loved them.

Employee Spotlights

Businesses are made up of people, let us introduce you to them. Get to know the human, get to know the story behind the person.

Mission Stories

Designed for those visionaries, entrepreneurs, social justice warriors, change-makers, and dreamers.

Be sure to ask us how to share the costs with family and friends and how to use crowdsourcing like GoFundMe to make the process much easier!

Who We Are

ShineLight Legacy is passionate about creating videos that are based in listening, acknowledgement and sharing stories in order to honor and celebrate the ones we love. More than videographers, our caring, professional and lighthearted crew come from diverse backgrounds with unique skills that make creating a ShineLight Video an easy, fun and engaging experience for everyone involved. Get to know our talented crew behind the camera.

When she saw the video, she realized how important she was to so many people, and what an impact she had on them. She now has a solid lasting acknowledgment of how much we love and respect her.
This was a great experience for both me and my daughter who gave it to me. I think this is great because I would never sit down and write this out. Now I can look at it and figure out who I am, what I’ve done and say ‘wow, is that me’? It’s a great experience and a whole lotta fun.
This was a great experience for both me and my daughter who gave it to me. It really made me aware of things I hadn’t thought of in a long time.


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